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Most magic deck card tricks are done with a regular deck of cards and a little bit of creativity. They are performed by beginners and professionals alike. Part of the allure to the trick is because most people have handled a deck of cards various times in their life and know how they work. 

Most magic deck card tricks involve sleight of hand or counting cards, many require both. One trick that can be performed by beginners is called the insolvable mystery and involves the magician predicting the card a volunteer chose. The volunteer actually just chooses a number indicating how deep in the deck the card is. The magician secretly thumbs the edges of the cards till he reaches that number and quickly glances at the card before handing the deck at the volunteer who pulls the predicted card out of the deck.

Magic deck card tricks can be very complex or simple. An easy trick, called the easy pick can be performed by almost anyone. A volunteer selects a card from the deck and places it face down on top of the deck. The magician takes the deck, puts it behind their back and flips the top card over. Then they flip the deck over and show the bottom card to the volunteer which allows the magician to easily see the selected card. Now the card can be put anywhere into the deck and selected in any fashion.


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